SuperPC started as a small computer repair business. It has now expanded from solely computer repairs to include an online shop and a design sector. Now SuperPC is a team of local computer professionals all located in the greater Christchurch area. We still deal mainly with computer repair and design jobs in the christchurch area for home and small business purposes.

Working out of a residential address in Harewood we deal with callout and pick up jobs but also have many call in and drop off customers. We take pride in providing the best quality service for the cheapest price. We provide a personal and friendly service and are able to offer any service completely tailored to your needs.

If you want to contact us give us a call on 03 0508 278737 or visit our contacts page.

We manage an online blog that gives news, latest product specials, design news, computer repair how tos, and tips and tricks.

For a list of computer repair services we offer visit our computer repair page, and for pricings visit our price page, and to shop that we provide a genuine friendly service visit our testimony page.

To see all our design options visit our design page.

Visit our shop and check out our wide range of products and find out the latest specials.

If you find something you like, our something you don't like please get in contact with us.